Los Angeles Personal Injury Cases – How much is my case worth? A trick question?

Los Angeles’ population ranks higher than the population of 43 states of the United States. With so many people living in the greater Los Angeles area, it is easy to understand why Los Angeles has so many personal injury accidents. And, it is natural for an injured person to ask , Personal Injury Cases

“How much is my case worth?”

There are analytical approaches that help to answer this questions; however, beyond giving a basic idea, it rarely is sound policy for a personal injury attorney to estimate the value of a case too early. The two most important aspects of a case that must be addressed are

1) liability or fault; and
2) Damages ( medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering etc.).

First the personal injury attorney and client should evaluate who is at fault. Fault can be established in many different ways such as admissions by the person who caused the accident, eye witnesses, one’s own account of the accident, a police report, violation of a statute to name a few.

When trying a cases in Los Angeles courts, the jury instructions break down damages into two categories

1) economic damages; and
2) non-economic damages. Economic damages include such items as lost wages (past and future), medical expenses (past and future)and property damage. Non-economic damages covers emotional distress damages such as pain and suffering, anger. frustration, anxiety, and worry.

At the outset, it is hard to say how much a case worth. Best advice – be conservative and see how the facts develop and how you recover from the injury. Ultimately, a case is worth what it settles for or what a jury or a judge decide it is. So how much is my case worth? Not really; but you’re probably going to have to wait and see.

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