Consult an efficient motorcycle accident lawyer and file your personal injury lawsuit within stipulated time

A person’s life can be changed in one brief moment by accident. This is particularly the case in the case of bicycle riders when bike riders get involved in a collision with a vehicle it results in a fatality.

The injuries are severe even after wearing helmets, shoes and protective gloves. It may result in broken bones, even spinal cord and brain injuries. Many bicycle accident victims had been injured so severely that their lives totally changed and were never the same again. Most of the bicycle accidents are caused because of the negligence of a vehicle driver, their distracted driving. If you are a victim of such accident, you must prepare the grounds for a personal injury lawsuit.

A personal injury bicycle lawsuit

At the site of the accident, the lawsuit process begins. If you are able and conscious you must take photos of the accident scene, your bicycle and of course the involved vehicle. You must get the contact number and names of all witness. Immediately call the police and report your case. You must be cautious while speaking to law enforcement officers. You must inform them about the entire case, but you must be careful and don’t say any part of the accident was your fault. Remember what you will be used against you. If you take too long to seek medical treatment, your insurer might claim that your injury wasn’t due to an accident but due to something else.

The insurance adjuster should not be provided any statement

Soon after the accident, the driver’s insurer might ask you to make a recorded statement about the accident. Don’t do this. Always remember that the law doesn’t require you to do this and you must not do this. Despite the kind and compassionate nature of the insurer you should not get carried away because insurers work for the insurance company. There is a high chance that your words can be twisted around and you can be blamed at least partially for the accident.

Filing the lawsuit and discovery process

After the reviews of the facts of the case by your attorney, a personal injury lawsuit will be filed on your behalf. And then the discovery process will begin. The lawyer will take witness statements and they will be asked questions under oath. Medical experts will review your medical records and the extent of your injury will be determined. After the completion of the discovery, a settlement offer will be made.

All these involves the need of an efficient motorcycle accident attorney, you must get in touch with an efficient Miami personal injury lawyer, otherwise it’s impossible to secure your legal claims. Make sure you find an experienced personal injury and wrongful death attorney as soon as possible after the accident. Always remember personal injury lawsuits should be filed with a certain period after an accident. If personal injury lawsuit isn’t filed within that stipulated time frame, all your rights to collect damages will be lost.

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